lunes, 15 de marzo de 2010

time warp

I remember losing you

The most perfect creation

Seeking the light

Growing up to rise

After the day comes night

And once again I met you…

It was the first time I told you

"I already know the new"

Before you telling me the truth

I already knew...

I already knew.

And so,

Here I stand before you

Never lied to you

All my loving true

Opened up my hearth and mind...

And when the times got hard

I stood firm beside...


A gift anew

The rendition in my voice

It all belongs to you…

Time warp.

I repeat...

This must be a time warp….

And all our love was left behind

Discontinuity on decisions affected our minds

But the distortion on the distances between u and I destroyed our hearts...

All occurring in the flow of time

With a conspirator from the timing force of time

I knew this would move events from one, I and I...

Like I said

"I already know the new"

...before you telling me the truth...

We must move to another time period

or suspend the passage of time....

If you really want to be mine...

We must stop time...

Like I said

It all belongs to you…

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