martes, 23 de julio de 2013


i hope you realize just what I have seen
doing my best to keep still
running up errands on my sunday
trying to live and just exist.
this is what has been happening to me
stuck on hearing the same things
time has passed but I have remained still
losing up notion it's just the first step.
come here and just sit by my side
tell me what is really happening
I can't seem to see with my own eyes
am I giving up or just making a fresh start?
is this my life or just what I have become in these sides?
ain’t nothing really happening
drifting things just keep running the same lines
giving up on tomorrow, is this healthy?
maybe I should learn to forget and stop forgiving.
fresh scars keep appearing
and all the other ones have not healed.
I hope you realize just what I have seen
there is nothing new in the other greener side
life just seems to keep tomorrowing,
and I, myself, just waiting to be self-discovered.
-I'm running-

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